Training Lawyers

Training Lawyers

You were always a source of confidence and welcome them when they rely on the services and legal advice on whether we are going to work out a partnership or a big business deal or otherwise of our business.
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training lawyers

Trainig lawyers is one of the most important activities in Almulla law firm and the aim from this activity is to prepare lawyers to work professionally in the legal field, as it is already known that all lawyers who graduate from law faculties in the arabic universities, take purely academic study and they don't practise what they learn in a practical environment.

Accordingly, training is a must for those lawyers in order to learn and practise all aspects of the legal profession.
In Almulla Law firm, we offer a complete training course to lawyers. That course starts from the step of meeting a client for the first time and checking the documents and papers that support their position, then explaining how to use these documents and papers in order to draft a very accurate and professional legal memo which will lead - if it is Allah's will - to win the lawsuit.
Also, in the training course, lawyers will learn how to perform all legal procedures related to the case, and they will get familiar with the most important skills and defense techniques that should be used in front of the court.
Almulla Law firm will make you qualified in a short period of time - if it is Allah's will - to succeed in your future legal profession and to have the necessary skills and tools required for a successful lawyer, like:
* The art of pleading                                                             * The art of drafting legal memos
* The art of drafting legal contracts                                       * The methods of legal explanation
* Arbitration                                                                           * UAE Judicial System
* How to challenge the court decision                                   * How to file a case
* How to start up a business in UAE                                      * The procedures of rental disputes cases


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