Law Profession

Law Profession

Counselor Mohammad is not only a professional lawyer and secretary and on the lookout for a permanent, but it is also very friendly in his handling, which earns you respect.
Adeeb Lotaah

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law professionLaw profession is one of the most important and glorified professions. Its importance lies in that it plays as a partner with the judicial authority to achieve justice and the supremacy of law. In Almulla law firm, the lawyers always maintain the glory of the prefession and its superior message, as they pay most of their attention to the cases entrusted to them. They study the cases professionally from all sides till they reach the truth and give the rights to their owners.


The office lawyers represent their clients in courts and in front of arbitration bodies, official judicial authorities and police departments. They defend their clients in all lawsuits litigated from them or brought against them as they plead on behalf of their clients and perform all related legal procedures. Our office also performs all appeal procedures and retrials, follows up implementation of judicial decisions and inquires about lawsuits.


Briefly, our law firm works in all types of lawsuits like:

* Personal Status cases                                                             * Inheritance cases
* Labor cases                                                                             * Investment disputes
* Rental disputes                                                                        * Compensation cases
* Real Estate cases                                                                    * Companies cases
* Misdemeanors cases                                                               * Criminal cases
* Publishing cases                                                                      * Human rights cases
* Intellectual property cases                                                       * Trademark Registration cases